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Where Will Online Gambling Be in the Future?

Have you ever wondered what the future of online gambling will be? Where will it go over the next few decades? Or the next hundred years?

Forget the near future for a minute. We can kind of guess what will be happening there. A few of those huge, brick & mortar mega-casinos have gone belly up so the powers that be will not be taking the chances they used to take with their (or their investor’s/stockholder’s) money. And, of course, the online casino world will continue to grow as more people shy away from costly real world casinos towards established reputable online brands such as

No, what will be happening down the road far enough that it could be part of a science fiction movie. Let’s assume for a moment that the exponential growth of technology will spill over to the casino world (which is exactly what will happen, no need to be a rocket scientist to figure that one out). There are right now as you read this there is an interface that will allow you to directly transmit your physical movements from your home to another location. This could open up incredible opportunities to casinos as people demand more and more from them. Can you imagine being able to play a game of billiards across the internet without some touchpad or mouse clicks to transmit your commands? You could move your hands as if you held a pool cue and hit a cue-ball for real.

It’s coming. The technology is in its infancy, but give it time and the money of the bigger online companies to develop it. Perhaps within 20 years you could an interface that would allow you to manipulate physical objects (like the cue). And what else could evolve? A form of virtual technology that will necessitate the donning of a suit and head piece that will allow you to enter a virtual casino, a real virtual casino whenever you wish. You would then be able to enjoy all of your online casino games as if you were truly there in person. The only restrictions are the limits that we place on ourselves and on our imagination.